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Zombieland TV series takes over Scary Movie Saturday!

Zombieland the TV series hits the internet!

Zombieland the TV series hits the internet!

Remember back in 2009 when a really cool little zombie flick came out of nowhere and made the genre fun again? Remember when you heard that Zombieland was originally planned as a television pilot but was expanded out into a full length feature? Well guess what? We know have the pilot episode of the new Zombieland series that came about as a result of the popularity of the movie. Well technically, Amazon is streaming the pilot, but we have the link to it!

Check out the trailer below then bounce over to Amazon.com now and watch the first episode of Zombieland for free! Streaming. Online! It’s Scary Movie Saturday on Mutantville.com!

Watch Zombieland the TV series at Amazon by clicking here!

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