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William Shatner Captain Kirk of Star Trek Fame coming to Fandom Fest 2013!

William Shatner is coming to Fandom Fest 2013!

William Shatner is coming to Fandom Fest 2013!

Louisville, KY — Batten down the hatches, fire all torpedoes and warp speed ahead! William Shatner – the original Captain Kirk himself – is coming to Fandom Fest 2013! That’s right, Captain Kirk of Star Trek The Original Series fame will be in attendance at Fandom Fest on July 26th – 28th. If you’ve ever wanted to meet the man in the flesh – this is your chance. Take advantage of the Q&A’s, meet and greets and VIP passes if you feel so inclined for what should be a rip roaring weekend in the stars!

For more information on Fandom Fest and ticket information – visit the official website at Fandomfest.com.

General http://www.fandomfest.com/
Twitter https://twitter.com/fandomfest

Join the Mutantville Players on MVP Mutant Radio to get prepped to meet Shatner at the upcoming event as we discuss Star Trek Into Darkness as well as discussing some of our favorite things from Star Trek The Original Series.

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