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The Walking Dead & Halloween Bonus Rounds on Johnny Brento’s JuJu

October awesome!

So last night, after cardio and a brutal arms  training regime with my trainer, I sat down for my first dose of the long awaited season 3 of Walking Dead. I was not disappointed. Seasons 3 already seems less romanticized with all the love triangle crap and a lot grittier. Rick is back to being a world beater and is giving that trouble making tramp Lori the cold shoulder.

Season 3 picks up with our heroes taking over a prison and the irony was just so rich. In our daily real world lives prison represents the loss of freedom. In the imaginary Armageddon world of tomorrow it represents freedom and security. A veritable fortress and the first real chance at safety and security that our travelers have seen since the farm house is over ran.

Knowing Greg Niccotero’s work and influences as I do, I knew it was only a matter of time until someone’s limb got chopped off to save them from infection. Fanboys will of course be instantly pulled back to Day of The Dead, a true classic Romero zombie film where the character Miguel has his arm unceremoniously lopped off after coming in close contact with a zombie’s chompers.

I won’t spoiled it for you outright, but suffice to say that things are changing this seasons on Walking Dead and it looks to once again shake up the most popular show on TV. What a perfect way to kick off the countdown to Halloween.

Halloween Bonus Rounds
Due to the timing of Halloween falling midweek this year, many folks are doing their celebrating the weekend after Halloween.

Nancee and I are busy planning our 3rd annual Halloween screening in our theater for Friday 7:00 PM November 2, 2012. In past years, it’s been for this or that Mutantville film or short films as well as a variety of our friend’s films, “Deviling,” “Psycho Holocaust,” “Rags” & “Desdemona 6” to name a few. This year the tradition continues. On the program is Robert W. Filion’s, “Dummy” & “Lot 66”, Michael Ruff’s, “Braindeath” and MVP’s “Respawner” and “Indigo Child.” We only have about 9 spaces left so if you’d like an invite, hit me up at brent at brentbowers.com. The cast & crew of “Take That” each have a space reserved. Though costumes are not required, they are encouraged!

To cap the night off, cast & crew of “Take That” will be invited to hang around for a private viewing of the rough cut.

On The evening of November 3rd, Todd, Jeremy and myself, a.k.a “ABSOLUTE ZERO” will be performing for the 2nd year in a row at one of the most brilliant Halloween celebrations I’ve attended, The Pearson’s Second Annual Halloween Bash! You’ll likely never see a more decorated house and they also feature a free haunted trail. Hit them up on Facebook if you are interested in attended. Just search for Pearson’s Halloween Bash.

Have a fun season folks and remember to be safe.

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