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Buy Your Tales from Mutantville DVD from Mutantville.com Today!

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That’s right, you can now buy your very own copy of Tales from Mutantville featuring Muticia the Movie Goddess.

The DVD is Now Available on CreateSpace!

The DVDs feature 3 short films hosted by none other than Muticia the Movie Goddess. Indigo Child is about a young priest battles an insidious serial child killer for the survival of a small village and his own salvation. Family Fiend takes you on a trip to get away, a man finds his wife murdered, struggles to keep his daughter safe and discovers which family friend is not family friendly. In Scarecrow At Midnight we meet Sonia, the bookish new girl in town, is tormented by her classmates and finds solace in her only friend an old scarecrow on her grandparents’ farm.  When the scarecrow comes to life on Halloween night it brings with it a secret from her family’s past. You also get 2 bonus films: Devil Comes Down and Respawner. The DVD is also available at Amazon!

If you’re really in the mood for two full servings of Tales from Mutantville then what you want is one of our shirts from FastCustomShirts.com! These shirts came out really well, check them out below on our model Julie! Click the photo or HERE to get your very own shirt!

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Julie modeling a Tales from Mutantville shirt with Sawbones from Scarecrow at Midnight.

For more information about this project check out the Tales from Mutantville page!


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