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Take That, Mosaic 33 & Location Scouting on Johnny Brento’s JuJu

Greetings Mutants,

Another week has come and gone and film production rolls along on Johnny Brento’s JuJu. I was able to sit in on the Thanksgiving episode of MVP Mutant Radio with Streebo and also on an impromptu episode of MMA Mutants. Too boot, I’ve been developing my own podcast called, “Brento’s Budget Film Making” and have amassed 11 or 12 epsides. I’m looking at hosting solutions presently, but plan for that to launch by the end of the year on iTunes.

Mosaic 33 will shoot it’s final 2 days next weekend and in the interim since the last shoot, I’ve been working on the project’s branding, posters & T-shirts. I’ve had a chance to consult on make designs and  character wardrobe and am really hopeful that this film will turn out a suspenseful scifi-tinged little gem. I’m really looking forward to next weekend’s shoot.

Post production carries on for, “Take That.” Sunday I was off to the studio to record some leads and create the final mix for the theme song, also titled, “Take That,” which plays over the end credits. It’s a cheesy and fun little punk song which basically tells that tale of the movie.

Check out the video below to take a little location scouting trip with yours truly!

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