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Superman (1978)

This was the Superman that a lot of us grew up with. The Richard Donner version of Superman, which starred Christopher Reeve, Gene Hackman, Margot Kidder and Marlon Brando was released in 1978. If you’re not familiar with the Superman story, where have you been? It’s about an alien planet called Krypton that is about to be destroyed. Superman’s father, Jor-El (played by Marlon Brando), sends him to earth to save his life. He arrives and is taken in by Mr. and Mrs. Kent from Kansas. They notice that he has special powers. He decides to use his powers for good and helps humanity. His nemesis in the film is Lex Luthor played by Gene Hackman.

Here’s the original trailer:

Ok, some folks may not like people finding things wrong with this Superman movie, but this is hilarious and interesting:

This is an interview with Christopher Reeve:

Here’s a cool interview with Richard Donner!

Superman and Lex Luthor-Christoper Reeve and Gene Hackman

Superman and Lex Luthor-Christoper Reeve and Gene Hackman

Here’s Inside The Actors Studio with Gene Hackman:

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