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Streets of Mutantville and Injustice: Gods Among us on Johnny Brento’s JuJu

Everyone now and then I just have to give it up for a video game. Click on to see what has me in a tizzy after the jump.

So yesterday, the wife wants to eat at a particular chinese restaurant by GameStop. While we are waiting on the food, I take the opportunity to duck in a see what’s coming out. I happen to pick up Injustice: Gods among us from Netherworld. I ask gamer guy behind the counter, “Hey, how’s this?” being that it has the Justice League characters in it. He says that it’s gotten nice reviews. I aks if they have a used copy as it is priced at $59.99. He says that they don’t but if I’ll wait 5 minutes there’s going to be a POwer Hour where that very game will be a mere $9.99. The only caveat is that it must be mail to me as opposed to have a copy to carry out. ¬†“Hell yes,” says I.

So, being the first in line, I’m kind of shocked when I have to wait for 25 minutes for them to get through the check out process. Apparently, so many gamers are buying this game at GameStop stores nation wide that it has their system crawling. Then we get to the final checkout screen and disaster strikes. The system kicks them back to the first screen. Argggghhh! Meanwhile Nancee is sitting next door wondering where I am. I contemplate leaving, but a savings of $49 on a brand new game is an enticing lure to be certain. As I’m standing there thinking how my lunch break is almost over. Gamer Dude #2, says, “You know what? He was the first in line. I’m just gonna do it.” He then proceeds to turn around and grab me a spanking new copy, marked $59.99 and sells it to me for $9.99. So, I got to carry it home when all the rest of the Power Hour shoppers had to wait on snail mail. Sweet! To boot I reserved, “Call of Duty: Ghost” for Liam and got large swanky posters. Some times cool stuff just happens.

So last evening we are playing this game and it soon dawns on me that it’s more than a game. In story mode it’s a bonefide Justice League movie, and a good one. Sweetness! Check out the trailer below.

¬†Anyone interested in checking out the first complete episode of Streets of Mutantville may do so here. I’ll give you a hint. It’s a Respawner story, so if you haven’t seen the pilot yet, check that out below before reading it.

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