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Streeborama Turns One Year Older & Ten Years Wiser, Django Unchained Tonight, and MVP Developments on the way.

Streebo celebrates his birthday with the lovely ladies of Ghost Trek!

It’s been another crazy week for the Mutantville Players.  Despite our intentions to stay off sets during the winter months – we all somehow found our way behind the camera this past weekend.  While Streebo and Geo were off helping shoot second unit on the new episode of Ghost Trek in Charlotte, Brento was getting Iigy with Robert W. Filion on the set of Mosaic 33 in Shelby.  It’s been difficult turning down requests for help from other filmmakers this month as MVP is in between projects – but we are supposed to be in between projects at the moment.

We’re working quietly behind the scenes on scripts for future MVP projects which will eclipse the scope of anything we’ve attempted before.  We’re also prepping to revamp the entire website and give it a fresh new look for Halloween 2012 – err – the New Year 2013!  As always with MVP it’s better late than never, I guess.  We focus on quality over quantity, originality over mimicry and audaciousness over mediocrity.  MVP turns ten next year. The future is always looking bigger and brighter with every passing day and we’ll take our damn time in getting there.

Get the rest of your MVP update after the leap!!! 

We’re still sorting the red tape to put our first two DVDs online and on Amazon.  Hopefully we’ll have more developments on that soon.  As always the best thing to do is sign up for the MVP newsletter so that you will be informed of the latest developments from the Mutantville Mothership.

The Mutantville Players are off to a special advance screening of Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained tonight so look for a special advance review to pop up on MVP Mutant Radio over the weekend.  Our most recent episode focusing on Cloud Atlas has taken off over the past week as more people discover the movie worldwide.  Cloud Atlas is definitely the movie that of the year that needs to be seen in the theaters but people don’t know about it.  Hopefully it will continue to find it’s audience as it’s theatrical run winds down and the inevitable blu ray launch is coming around the bend of the new year.

Don’t forget to wish MVP’s own Streeborama a happy birthday this Saturday as he is turning into an old fart that spends more time reading and writing than chasing skirts and singing karaoke in his old age.

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