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Slasher Based Web Series C for Chaos Returns for Season Two


The Halloween season is fast approaching so it’s time to open the Mothership Vault doors and unleash another season of the slasher web series that the powers that be didn’t want you to see – C for Chaos. Season One was met with a confused reaction by the horror viewing public that found itself uncertain what to think when faced with an original idea that wasn’t a cheap fanfilm of Friday the 13th or Night of the Living Dead. In an age of the Remaking Remix when the Millennial Generation thinks the only good ideas are the ones that have already been told – C for Chaos is unleashed to melt your minds.

C for Chaos is a project ten years in the making. What was started as a simple indie slasher film evolved into an ongoing web series because when we started out we had no idea what the heck we were doing. Armed with six hours of slasher goodness, we’ve embarked on the process of converting it into bite sized pieces for you and your friends to watch on Youtube.

Season Two:

Episode 7: The Dreamer Awakens

Episode 8: Killroy’s Comic Book Conspiracy

Episode 9: Art vs the Long Arm of the Law

Episode 10: Trapped in the Lair of the Numbers Killer

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