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Respawner Online on Friday’s with MVP

Watch it now if you dare!

Watch it now if you dare!

In the immortal words of the band Europe, “Baby, now the time has come!” Feast your eyes on this playlist which will play in succession, the Respawner pilot episode, a message from the director, a special deleted scene and lastly, the pilot in the Grind house treatment. It’s a mini dvd experience online for all our lovely mutants. Like the videos, comment on them and above all please share them on your Facebook wall.

Personally speaking it really is a thrill to finally share this film. It was the source of some heartache, but mostly of loads of fun! While it never took off as a series I could get the MVP machine behind, I think it stands as a cool example of what can be done with very little in the way of resources when you find passionate people willing to put their hearts into the work of making a piece of art. To my cast, Alan, Dave, Donnie, Corinne, Jason, Michael, Matthew, Steven, Kathy, Sylvia, Danny, Brandon, Luis thanks so much for everything you gave. To the many folks behind the scenes who helped out in one way or another, Brian, Eddie, Jeremy, Todd, Jamie, Geo, Robert, Meg, Nancee, Liam, Rosie, Patrick and anyone I may have failed to name, ya’ll are the bee’s knees. Thanks so much!

Lastly dear friends, my thanks for watching.

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Mutantville or else

Mutantville or else

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