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Poser 2014 & 3D Rendered Comics on Johnny Brento’s JuJu

Look on the second line under Poser Content Section

Look on the second line under Poser Content Section

Poser Pro 2014 was released this week and being the render-geek that I am, I’ve definitely had my nose right in the middle of it. Once again I was lucky enough to provide included content and also got my name in the “Thank You’s” for the inclusion of my Creech figure.

So what does this have to do with film making? Not a damn thing! LOL! I kid. I kid. I use Poser for all kinds of pre-visualization on various film projects. Here’s a rad example of what I’m talking about.

That’s not all Poser is good for. Once in a while I want to just spin off something that lands on the top of my head. No peer critic or feedback, just start telling a made up story. Poser is especially fun and effective at doing this. Just out the gallery below some example art and until next week, keep rendering, BABY!

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