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Pacific Rim Review MVP Mutant Radio

Pacific Rim (2013)

Pacific Rim (2013)

Today, we are cancelling the Apocalypse!!! Summer movies don’t get any better than this as Guillermo Del Toro unleashes his popcorn movie to end all popcorn movies – Pacific Rim! The Mutantville Players Streebo and Johnny Brento are in the Mothership to bring you a double tierd review of Pacific Rim by opening the show with a spoiler free discussion for everyone that hasn’t seen it yet. Then we enter then newly christened Shatterdome to discuss Pacific Rim in full spoilery detail! Stick around for the end of the show as Streebo offers some artistic advice in MVP Game AND we have a return of the MVP Mindmeld Mailbag! It’s more hot Jaeger on Kaiju action than you could possibly hope for all courtesy of your friends at MVP Mutant Radio! Visit the MVP Blog at http://mutantville.com and follow us on Twitter @MVPlayers

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  1. Mitch Edmiston /

    Ok, when you guys get done worshiping $180,000,000 CGI movies, why don’t you give a thought for how these kind of CGI fest-throw as much money as you like at it-movies impact upon independent horror/sci-fi – how can people like you with your tiny, non-existent budgets ever hope to compete with this movie? It’s literally pushing you out of the game, you just cannot compete. If this is what audiences want, then you simply cannot give it to them. Why don’t you start supporting and championing real, indie horror instead of the latest CGI blockbusters such as Man of Steel and Pacific Rim. Help yourself, dudes, for christ sakes

  2. Hey Mitch – Thanks for the smart ass feedback. Feel free to go through the MVP archives and listen to the episodes where we interviewed indie filmmakers such as Patrick Rhea, Christopher G. Moore, Robert W. Fillion and several more. The only reason I stopped reviewing indie works is because I was being accused of favoritism when in fact I opened the floor to interview anyone who approached me for help. So instead of being praised for helping the less social media fortunate – I was shunned for “favoritism”. As the proverb in Luke 4:23 states – “Physician heal thyself” or in this case Streebo 1:23 states “filmmakers promote thyself.” MVP has had to learn to be self sufficient and will continue to do so and the rest of you will have to do the same. I’ve always tried to help others promote only to have it thrown back in my face – much like your comment here.

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