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Pacific Rim at #3?!?! V/H/S 2, THX 1138, Filmmaking & Sacrifice. A Streeborama V-log

Streebo talks Pacific Rim, V/H/S 2, THX 1138, Filmmaking & Sacrifice.

Streebo talks Pacific Rim, V/H/S 2, THX 1138, Filmmaking & Sacrifice.

Join Streebo for another Daily V-log as he discusses recent cinema works such as Pacific Rim and Antiviral. Streebo also discusses the sacrifices that one has to make in order to be a dedicated artist/filmmaker/starving artist.

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00:00 streebo’s intro

00:30 — Streebo explains Todd A. Britt and Todd Hates Everything.

01:09 — Obligatory Blue Moon swig.

02:05 — Gratuitous MVP Mutant Radio plug followed by Fandom Fest plug.

03:00 — Streebo explains the title and plug the Back Alley Film Series and Retrofantasma.

06:00 — Streebo explains his love/hate affair with fandom/Fan Dumb.

09:00 — Streebo explains the reason behind MVP promotions.

10:30 – Streebo explains the birth of MVP Mutant Radio.

11:00 — Streebo discusses some recent reader feedback.

14:00 — Streebo poses a question to the Haters of the Internet.

20:00 — Streebo mentions the upcoming Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY.

22:30 — Streebo laments the problems with Muticia’s Movie Morgue in post-production.

23:11 — Streebo talks about his latest script Blue Harvest XXIII and Pacific Rim.

28:40 — Streebo shouts out the Mad Monster Party and forgets the point he was trying to make.

29:05 — Streebo opens the floor for indie filmmakers at the upcoming Fandom Fest.

31:00 — Streebo explains the failure of the Carolina Challenge.

33:15 — Streebo explains why Blue Harvest XXIII is double top secret.

35:00 — Streebo explains the change to focus on Speculative Fiction.

36:45 — Streebo shouts out Fandom Fest/Fright Night Film Fest.

37:30 — Streebo shows his age in talking about Robotech, Gundam, Vampire Hunter D and Akira.

39:15 — Streebo invites indie filmmakers to send in their Media/Press Releases.

41:00 — Streebo takes a swipe at indie remakers — but changes his mind.

41:50 — Streebo closes the show by plugging the MVP Blog, MVP Mutant Radio and Fandom Fest.

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