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New Year & New JuJu on Johnny Brento’s JuJu

Johnny Brento breaks reflective on this year end Vlog-o-Doom! Check it out as well as the first episode of Brento’s Budget Film Making podcast after the leap. 2012 was killer diller! Find out what’s up for 2013 Mutants!!!

Absolute Zero Perform Live for Muticia!

There are so many fun times had with the Mutantville Players and my other film making friends that’s hard to single out any single “most fun” project. I’d have to say that the Mad Monster Party was a lot of fun! Getting to screen Indigo Child finally in public was gratifying. The special G.H.O.S.T. screening at Con Carolina’s was fun, even though only the hardest core of the hardest core MVP’r’s showed up. KBS & Jack I’m talking to you guys! Muticia’s Movie Morgue was shot and release in the came calendar year (I think that’s a first for us.) Maybe events were attended and many movies were watch. The negative side of working so closely for so long with my fellow  Mutants reared it’s ugly head far less often than in the past. As far as I know only one actor associated un-friended me on FaceBook and he was dead weight anyways, so a blessing in disguise perhaps. Always a good thing. New challenges were taken and over taken and we all managed to live through another year of an artists life.

So my mutants, without further ado, here’s the new podcast.

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