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MVP Mothership Cruises Through Another Mutantville Monday.

Happy Monday, mutants!

Happy Monday oh, Mighty Mutants. Another weekend on the ledger of MVP has come and gone bringing us that much closer to filmmaking Nirvana. In all honsesty – MVP is going to be in a bit of a quiet holding pattern for the next few months.

With the exception of Brento who is working on several side projects outside of MVP – MVP will continue to focus on the promotional side of filmmaking for the foreseeable future. We are still untangling the mess that is putting our DVDs online for purchase – as well as working on several projects in multiple media in order to help us continue to spread the good word of the Mutantville. We’l let you know more about those projects as they near completion. In the meantime, the Mutantville Mothership is going to cruise through the stratosphere and continue to bring you our weekly looks into the worlds of genre filmmaking. Thanks for coming along for the ride. It’s still a long way to go – but we have a whole millennium to get there.

Get your fill of MUTANT TV after the leap!

Our buddy Critterfan uploaded the recent Jamie Lee Curtis Panel from Horrorhound Weekend:

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