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MVP Marketing Seminar a Success, Nevermore and Mad Monster Party on the way on Mutantville Mondays!

Streebo & Geo outside the Access 21 Building.

Welcome back to another Mutantville Monday here on the MVP Blog. We’re off and running in preparation for this year’s Mad Monster Party Film Festival and all of the wild events that surround it. Ever since we announced the final call for entries for this year’s festival – we’ve been flooded with submissions. The festival lineup is shaping up quite nicely. It looks like this March is going to be a great time for MVP and our friends.

This past weekend, Geo and myself stopped by Channel 21 in Charlotte to conduct a special seminar on social media marketing for film. We had a nice turnout and the response to the course was very positive. We were able to film the event and will turn it into a part of MVP’s online course on marketing and filmmaking. It is very gratifying to see another piece of the MVP Empire Puzzle fall sharply into place.

Get your full MVP rundown after the leap!

Before we get to March we have a pit stop to make at this year’s Nevermore Film Festival as Brento’s first side project Take That was accepted into this year’s lineup. Our good buddy and sometimes cohort – Robert W. Filion also has a film in the lineup as his short Lot 66 made the cut as well. They’re also featuring a limited one time only screening of Dawn of the Dead, The ABC’s of Death, and John Dies at the End. All in all it should be a great event.

Brento is gearing up for some pickup shots for Take That this weekend. The DVD proof for G.H.O.S.T. is in transit to Geo’s house as we speak! It’s just a matter of time until we have Tales from Mutantville on the way as well. We’re getting ready to order our teeshirts for this year’s show and more.

Thanks for stopping by the MVP Blog. Keep checking back for instant updates about movies, filmmaking and more. Enjoy this fine selection of Mutant TV as well as the most recent episode of MVP Mutant Radio as we start our Mad Monster Party countdown by talking to filmmaker Robert W. Filion about his work as well as the recent release from producer Guillermo Del Toro – MAMA (2013).

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