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MVP At Nevermore Day #2 – Take That Premieres

The Hallowed Halls of Nevermore Land

The Hallowed Halls of Nevermore Land

Hello Mutants,

Well, day #2 of Nevermore was just awesome! Jim Carl & company fed all of the attending artists from a very nice spread in the green room. It was extremely cool to hang out and chat with the other film makers. I never got to experience this part of Nevermore when attending a few years ago in support of Scarecrow at Midnight. So, I felt kind of privileged to even see this non-public part of the facility.

Our screening was at 2:45. Since Robert and I were the only film makers in attendance, Jim shuffled the order a bit to have ours play near the end of the block. Now as I recall, S.A.M. enjoyed a really good crowd response when it screened, but to say that I was surprised by how big of a response “Take That” received would be an under statement. The jokes produced roars of laughter and after wards there were lots of questions for the Q&A. Considering the we were up against Canadian films this year which all seemed to have nice budgets thanks to government funding, it was truly satisfying to see how our little $1000 film held it’s own with the crowd.

I think we made a few new friends from that screening and due to some insightful questions by the crowd, I was able to share the plans for the full anthology of Mother of Vampires. It was really neat. I feel like saying it out loud in public somehow moves it closer to fruition.

Morgan Monnig, Steven Tucker, Todd Britt and of course Robert Filion were on hand to share the experience with me and that meant a lot. It felt like there was solidarity among the people who’d have to work the hardest of all to make this feature film a reality. I did miss Geo and Streebo, but as of yesterday, I got a phone call from Geo saying that he may be able to make it out for this evenings final Nevermore screening of “Take That.” Fingers crossed we get some more MVP in the house!

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  1. I really enjoyed Take That! Good story and well shot. 🙂

  2. Thanks Christine. Much appreciated.

  3. I was too tied up with sorting out the finals of the Mad Monster Party Film Festival to make it. I really wanted to attend and planned on it up until the end – which came about the time my vet wound up charging me twice as much as normal for Logan’s special kitty food. Yes, even Caturday has a price to pay. Glad the screening went well. Congratz on seeing your hard work rewarded. Hopefully you’ll be posting some vids soon!

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