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MVP At Nevermore Day #1

Got my Creds and Ready to Roll

Got my Creds and Ready to Roll

Hello Mutants,

As I sit, restless to start the first full day of Nevermore Film Festival fun, I thought I’d pause for a brief update for all of you who couldn’t make it out this year.

Things kicked off for us yesterday around 12:30 when Todd, Liam (my mini me) and myself took off from my home in Albemarle, destination, Durham. Prior to leaving I updated my iPhone. I noticed that a so called “Upgrade” to the Google Maps a was included. Our trip was supposed to take 2 hours and 14 minutes. Unfortunately, the application I was using to navigate seems to have caught a bug. Instead of taking us to Durham, it took me to my last bookmark in that area which was to Nightdale, home of Jason Wheeley. I didn’t realize the mistake until I was sitting outside of his house. The weather was utterly crappy and since we now would miss our original check in time, we decided we were hungry enough to stop and eat and hope the rain moved on.

Since I was in a celebratory mood, I decided my good son should experience a proper steak house. We went to the local Lone Star. Liam had his first byte of a $22.00 steak and was suitably impressed. We all got called, “Honey” and “Sweetheart” way too many times by a tall waitress with a skinny behind. When we left the rain was still pouring and it was cold, but it was also all good because we were happily fed.

We arrive at our accommodations, Duke Towers, which surprisingly is not a tall building at all, around 5:15. The office lady was very pleasant and we got settled in for about an hour before T-Dawg and I headed over to Nevermore. On the walk inside from the parking lot, the frame for the Take That poster got messed up so we wound up having to take it apart and reassembled it to get it straightened out. We found the easel Robert left for us under the vendor table where we picked up our credentials. There were plenty of people milling around inside despite the bad weather.

We contemplated jumping in to watch a few movies but decided against it as we were both tired. Todd drank a tall ass adult beverage and we both talked movies and music with the bartender for about 30 minutes before. Near the end of our time chilling in the ballroom, Christine Parker, who’s film, “Cache Me If You Can” is set to show Saturday came in and we chatted briefly.

We boogied on back to the condo after being dramatically overcharged by the city parking deck for our hour of parking. It was still raining a cold rain. We went in and got into rest mode. Watched a little Netflix before finally turning in.

I never look at gift horse in the mouth but the beds in our room are made of a play dough like substance that has no spring whatsoever. Todd and I both slept wretchedly before waking long before daylight, but the couch seemed to treat Liam fine. Liam. By the way is having an Xbox marathon this weekend.

Still raining and cold this morning. I hope it doesn’t hurt the turnout. This ain’t Caturday. This is NEVERMORE and it only comes once a year, just like Christmas!

More to come from Nevermore, Day #2

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