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Muticia’s Movie Morgue


Welcome to Muticia’s Movie Morgue, my scarlings.

This Fall, MVP presents The Movie Morgue with your horribly horrific hostess – Muticia the Movie Goddess.  Watch each week as Muticia and her faithful companion Mutie review their favorite horror films of years gone bloody by.  Enjoy the thrills and experience the chills each week as Muticia tries to escape the evil clutches of her executive producer, Mister Majic, only to find herself back in the Movie Morgue at the end of each episode.

Laugh along with Muticia, Mutie  and the zany Mutantville Players as they cruise the horror highways aboard the Mutantville Mothership.

Muticia’s Movie Morgue presents George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead! Click here to watch this first episode!

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