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Meet Lew Temple at Fandom Fest 2013!

Who’s the first celebrity that we interviewed at a convention? Survey says…Lew Temple! We were so lucky that he said yes and talked to us. He also encouraged us to talk to the other Rob Zombie’s Halloween cast and tell them he sent us. We did and ended up interviewing him as well. We’ve continued interviews to this day. Lew Temple will be at Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY this year from July 26-28. So first….the interview that started it all!

Lew Temple was born in Alaska and raised in Texas. As Streebo said in the interview, he is a Renaissance man. One thing I talked with Mr. Temple about was music. He’s plays banjo and loves music. It was also mentioned that he played baseball. He was the baseball MVP at Rollins College in 1982. He went on to play minor league ball for the Seattle Mariners and Houston Astros. He was a scout for the New York Mets in 1986. He moved up the ranks to be the Assistant Director of Minor League Operations and Scouting for the Astros until 1993. Since then he has earned 82 credits on IMDB. IMDB says that he is often compared to a chameleon because he can take any character and make it his own, which is a sign of a great actor. We won’t be able to discuss every film he’s been in, because that would take forever, but we’ll highlight a few!

He played Adam Banjo in The Devil’s Rejects by Rob Zombie and was also in his Halloween. He was Cal in Waitress in 2007. He is in Mark Young’s The Killing Jar with Michael Madsen, Amber Benson, Danny Trejo, Harold Perrineau and Jake Busey. Lew was also in Unstoppable, Rango, Lawless, Saving Lincoln and he plays Axel on a little show called The Walking Dead. We saw Mr. Temple right here in Stanly County filming The Unlikely’s with William Forsythe. He also plays Hollis in the upcoming film The Lone Ranger.

Time to see some work and interviews:

Apparently the Adam Banjo scene has a content warning…so not Devi’s Rejects. Booo!

Now to finish with my Lew Temple with a metal expression.

Lew Temple and Geo

Lew Temple and Geo

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