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Mama (2013) whoops Arnold, MVP Gets Ready for the Mad Monster Party, Mutant TV & More on Mutantville Mondays.

MAMA (2013)

Welcome back, Muties! It’s a special Martin Luther King Jr. Day edition of Mutantville Mondays here at Mutantville.com. It’s special in that we have the day off and we’re going to use it to get caught up on our rest. Rather than spend too much time pontificating and philosophizing about the ups and downs of real life – we’re going to make a few quick points and then leave you with a selection of Mutant TV to get you through the day. Horror returned to the box office in a big way over the weekend as the Guillermo Del Toro produced MAMA (2013) took in an estimated $28 million. When horror and science fiction succeed at the box office – it’s a good day for all of us.

We should receive word about the impeding status of the DVDs for G.H.O.S.T. and Tales from Mutantville any day now. We’re as excited as everyone else to get the DVDs out to the world so be sure to sign up for the MVP newsletter by using the box here on the MVP Blog so that you are notified via email the moment that MVP news breaks. All of the movies and MVP products will be available for purchase at the upcoming Mad Monster Party in March.

Get your full Monday rundown after the leap!

Speaking of the Mad Monster Party – we are gearing up for the event and putting all the wheels in motion as we once again host the Second Annual Mad Monster Party Film Festival. Look for a special MVP announcement in the coming days regarding the first wave of official selections for this year’s event. We’re currently reviewing all of the submissions received to date and are in the process of culling the heard to find the best horror, fantasy and science fiction independent films around. Be sure to submit your films for consideration before the deadline. There will be no extensions and no exceptions. Submit it before then so we can avoid the drama. Thank you.

We’re also making a list of the Mutantville Players that will be in attendance at the upcoming convention. Mutica the Movie Goddess and the star of G.H.O.S.T. – Kathy Butler Sandvoss – will be in attendance along with Mutantville Martina, Todd the Crazy FX Guy, Streebo, Brento, Geo and even Mutie the Mutantville Mutant will poke his furry orange nose in. We’re filling the slots for assistants as we speak so be sure to get in touch with the Mutantville Mothership and let us know that you are down for the cause and want to go to the Party. Last year’s event was off the charts and this one will be the same.

Check out the latest episodes of MVP Mutant Radio and Mutant TV as we discuss recent releases such as Texas Chainsaw (2013) and MAMA (2013). Remember to rate, comment, hit that damn like button and subscribe. That is all. MVP loves you. The Mothership is open to all.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day everyone.


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