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Mad Monster Party Sizzle Reel on Jb’s JuJu

Once a year I get to take a bunch of trailers and graphics from film makers all over the states and indeed the world and turn them into something distinctly Mutantville. That’s the mashup graphics reel for our annual Mad Monster Party Film festival. Last year we went with a metalic dark industrial look for the reel and it was generally well received. This year, I’m going with something a little closer to the heart. GRINDHOUSE Baby!Streebo came by yesterday with a envelope full of trailers. We agreed on the look I wanted to go with and work commence. He updated the website whilst we chatted and I dug into the pulp strip animation for clips from the various films represented. It’s a lot of work to pull in a week, The same week in which I have to prepare for a gig with a new band and get through a minimum of 4 days of Crossfit and JiuJitsu training. I do it because I love you, the Mutantville Mutants and I want to ensure my longevity artistic snaity so as not to deprive you of your beloved JuJu each and every Wednesday.

The plan is to debuet the sizzle reel for the 2nd Annual Mad Monster Party Film Festival either this Friday or on Sunday afternoon, depending on how long it takes me to bang it out!

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