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Hot Pink Jesus Act III saves Trailer Park Thursday!

Hot Pink Jesus Act III: Have Faith Will Travel from Mad Ones Films

This week on Trailer Park Tuesday – Hot Pink Jesus is here to save us all with the trailer to his latest cinematic effort.  Yes, we’re talking about the latest titanic celluloid outing from the infamous Mad Ones Films of Greensboro North Carolina – Hot Pink Jesus Act III: Have Faith, Will Travel.  The Mad Ones films play like the a nightmarish blend of Tarantino and Rodriguez from an alternate taco-filled reality.  If you’re into grindhouse, grease and tacos – then Hot Pink Jesus is the cinematic savoiur that you’re looking for. 

Don’t take my word for it – let’ hear what the Mad Ones of the wasteland have to say about it:

A gringo whose cozy little job with the Mexican mob went awry, a failed actor and dejected athlete living in the past, a stripping diva with criminal delusions of grandeur, and a prodigal son with something to prove. Unbeknownst to them, they’re all after the same get-rich-quick fix. However, the one man standing in their way doesn’t feel like letting go of his lucky streak just quite yet.

Enter Faith. When a disturbing revelation leads to a life-changing decision, Faith suddenly finds herself plunged headfirst into a shady world of booze, bullets, extortion, larceny and lawn darts. Her only chance for survival is being at the wrong place at the right time because in a world gone mad, bad and dangerous to know, sometimes the only thing that can save you is a little faith.

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(Check out the trailer after the leap!)

EDITOR’S NOTE: As a side note I do think it’s interesting that so many people in the North Carolina Bible Belt (IE: The most repressed fundamentalist area of the U.S.) seem to feel offended by the very notion of a movie called “Hot Pink Jesus”.  Try to remember it’s only a movie and there’s nothing overtly sacriligeous about it so let’s not get carried away.  We’re living in the twentyfirst century – not the Middle Ages.  I even talked to Jaysen Buterin of Mad Ones Films about this very notion in our interview from the Fright Night Film Fest.  Check out the video and see what he had to say about it.

Jaysen Buterin at Fright Night Film Fest 2011:

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