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Godzilla Haruo Nakajima touches down in the States at the Mad Monster Party.

Haruo Nakajima poses with Godzilla. Photo courtesy Armand Vaquer.

Haruo Nakajima poses with Godzilla. Photo courtesy Armand Vaquer.

Godzilla returned to theaters this weekend but it has been some time since the original Godzilla set down in America. Legendary actor Haruo Nakajima made a rare Stateside East Coast appearance in March of 2013 when he appeared at the Mad Monster Party in Charlotte, North Carolina to participate in signings, photographs and panel discussions. There had been much back and forth as some unscrupulous individuals went on a smear campaign in the months leading to the convention claiming that Nakajimasan would be unable to travel to the convention due to poor health. The convention promoters did their best to assure everyone that Nakajima would be in attendance as planned. Despite the rocky preamble to the weekend, the convention went off without a hitch and the great Japanese actor arrived exactly as scheduled.

Nakajima spent the weekend meeting fans, signing autographs and posing for pictures. A quick scan of Facebook will reveal the great actor posing with everyone and everything from metal guitar legend Kirk Hammett to fans in Godzilla cosplays. Sunday afternoon, Nakajima participated in a rare much anticipated panel discussion about his life and work on the set of the original Godzilla films.

MVP was on hand to record the events for posterity. Technical issues delayed the release of the panel video – but now it is available for viewing on Youtube. Click on over to Youtube to see Haruo Nakajima and historian Armand Vaquer discuss the great man’s life and work.

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