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G.H.O.S.T. & Tales from Mutantville DVDs on the way for Fridays with MVP.

It’s time for another Friday with MVP here on Mutantville.com! We hope you’ve all recovered from your turkey coma by now. The Mutants have been in napland for the next week as we recovered from the lazy effects of Thanksgiving dinner. Although we are finished with G.H.O.S.T., Tales from Mutantville and Muticia’s Movie Morgue – we are still in the process of getting them all online for everyone to purchase. As always it’s taking longer than it should but what can you do. Some things can’t be rushed and have to be set up properly because once you push the button and shout “go” there’s no turning back. Needless to say our hard work and all of your patience will pay off in the coming month – because we will all be very happy once the MVP library is available for everyone online at Amazon.com.

Get the rest of your hot Friday MVP injection after the leap!

The Mutantville Players are playing Cinema Santas this week as Streebo and Geo head out to help shoot second unit for the second episode of Ghost Trek this weekend – while Brento heads out to Shelby to help Robert W. Filion shoot Mosaic 33 for Brad Hord and Chris Feree. After this, we’ll be back to working on our various multi-media projects and trying to spread the word of MVP to the four corners of the world.

For those keeping score, we’re working on ebooks, documentaries, and more to help expand the media web of MVP. We’ll reveal more of the specifics of those projects once they near completion. Until then, we have to continue to play our cards close to our chest. We’re gearing up for the big Mad Monster Party convention next year and have already begun fielding an awesome array of flicks for the film festival.

As always, it’s good times ahead. Keep your browser pointed to Mutantville.com. We have more goodies coming your way as Streebo is set to do another edition of MVP Mutant Radio over the weekend to kick off the Christmas season. Don’t forget to sign up for the MVP Newsletter and tell your friends that they can watch the first episode of Muticia’s Movie Morgue online!

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