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Funny Walking Dead Pictures

Funny Rick Grimes Walking Dead Picture

Well…recently I joined the late 90’s early 2000’s by signing up for Netflix. I’ve been encouraged to do so for years. Anyway, now I’m able to watch The Walking Dead! What an awesome show. The only tough thing is not watching a whole bunch of them at once. The week, I thought I’d post some funny Walking Dead picture I found. Enjoy!

More photos after the leap!

funny Daryl Dxon - The Walking Dead

Norman Reedus does a great job as Daryl Dixon

Funny Walking Dead Picture 01

Funny Walking Dead Picture


The Walking Dead yard mowed continuity error

It’s always funny finding continuity errors!

Daryl Dixon Boba Fett The Walking Dead


Funny Lori Grimes The Walking Dead

This scene was funny to me too!

Funny The Walking Dead picture 02

During the Zombie apocalypse…Stay away from downtown Atlanta!

Funny Dale from The Walking Dead picture

Jeffrey DeMunn is also great in Storm of the Century!

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