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From Whence We Came – On Johnny Brento’s JuJu

From one of our earliest efforts.

A few days ago, I enjoyed a rare day off in observation of Veteran’s day. Apart from thinking on how great of a country I am blessed to live in thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of so many veterans, I also reflected on how lucky I’ve been artistically to run into the right friends at the right time. A chance encounter with a weird new guy at school turned into a life-long friendship that along with a few lowlights also managed to single handedly alter my artistic direction forever. As a result, my last 4 years of high school were dominated by the desire to become Sho Kosugi and create Ninja movies. This was pre-Michael Dudikoff , so the whole “American who becomes a Ninja” concept was original then, (or so we thought until 85, when American Ninja was released.)

Our Ninja flick (which I’ve referred to only lately by any name at all,) “Attack of the Ninja,” was the manifestation of our film making ambitions at the time. Really, Todd was the guy behind the camera, though I did handle the on screen and concept development. These we our first humble steps into film making. Basically, we never stopped. The 8mm gave way to the video C format camcorder I got for my Christmas present one year. We really had no way of editing either format so it was all in camera, Baby!

Rain on The Scarecrow…is all I’m saying!

At the end of high school another friend gave Todd a guitar free of charge which eventually learned to play a little. This little nudge, again just at the right time would launch me in a new direction. 3 Albums later and dozens of original songs and it’s plain to see that it wouldn’t have happened at all without the right influence at the right time.

After technology improved quite a bit, I had the bright idea of combining live action film with animated characters. Along come Streebo & Geo at just the right time and Wa La! MVP is born and my ship is launched again unto the deep blue something of creativity.

This weekend, I take another step into the unknown. Co-directing and on someone else’s passion project. I’ve never worked in this capacity. It will be interesting. I’ll try to my  best by CutshawKane on Mosaic 33. At the end of the day I can only give it my best shot and state why I think things should be the way they should be. Not being the boss might mean some of those ideas are accepted and some are discarded. Either way, I’ll fight for what I think is important for the story.

A little M.I.A. 3 action for ya.

Todd and I will be heading off to Shelby for the weekend’s shooting, and while several days away from the family is not something I look forward to, it is an exciting opportunity to do some good work behind the lens. Anything shot by Robert W. Filion is going to look great. Getting the performances from the actors will be my focus. So this weekend I guess it’s time to roll once more with Image Impact Group, uhhhh I.I.G. style? Need to work on that verbiage some.

Until next week Mutants!

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  1. BTW may I be the first to propose the slogan of “Getting IIGy with it?”

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