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From Dream Breaker to Dream Maker: Robert Filion Partners with MVP!

It all started with a dream and a prayer. In the spring of 2008, MVP learned that the Light Factory in Charlotte would host a short movie contest and that it would be judged by none other than the godfather of modern horror George A. Romero himself!   The Mutantville Players set out to not only enter the contest but to win it with our zombie movie Devil Comes Down. Little did we know, but down in the depths of Rock Hill, a mad scientist named Robert Filion was brewing up something special with his own intentions of winning the American Zombie Film Contest. To make a long story short, our dreams were dashed upon the rocks when Robert’s movie See The Dead went on to take top honors in the contest and a friendly rivalry was born. Fast forward two years and MVP and Image Impact are no longer at odds with each other. We’ve followed Robert’s progress over the years and have hoped that we would have the chance to work together. Filion has continued to produce quality horror movies such as Chekov’s Children, Lot 66 and his latest short called The Promise Jar.

Mutantville Productions is proud to announce that we have partnered with Robert Filion and his Image Impact Group to bring you Tales From Mutantville. We are thrilled to have Robert lend his considerable talents and years of experience to the MVP brand. Join us in welcoming Robert on board as the director of photography for Family Fiend, Scarecrow At Midnight and Indigo Child.  If all goes well on Tales From Mutantville, this should be the beginning of a horrific partnership.

You can check out Robert’s work on his short films at the links below:

See The Dead

See the Dead ©2009 from Robert W. Filion on Vimeo.

See the Dead ©2009 from Robert W. Filion on Vimeo.

The Promise Jar

The Promise Jar ©2010 from Robert W. Filion on Vimeo.

The Promise Jar ©2010 from Robert W. Filion on Vimeo.

For more information on Robert Filion and Image Impact Group, check out his website at this link.

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