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Follow the Crowd: Mad Ones Films and the HPJ Trilogy Need You!

This week on Follow the Crowd we’re asking you to take a look at the work of Mad Ones Films out of Greensboro, NC. They make nifty little perverted crime noir flicks with philosophical bends, tits and tacos. What more do you need to know? If that sounds like your thing – then give them a look.

Here’s the Chief Mad One himself – Jaysen Buterin to tell you all about it after the leap!!!

“Good evening friends and family, fellow filmmakers and fellow film-lovers, saints and sinners & everyone else in between,

I apologise for the mass email like this, but there is a crisis of biblical proportions that I find myself now needing as much help as I can get.

We’re Mad Ones Films… we’re the inmates running the cinematic asylum. We make movie mountains out of imaginary molehills. We tell stories that’ll serenade your brain… and ride off into the sunset with your heart, and we need your help. Now it’s time for YOU to save JESUS! Apparently Jesus Saves but his investment record is shit. Which is why we have to help him raise the proper funds to so that we may finish “The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus” and bring the shining light of cinematic salvation to the silver screen. So we have teamed up with IndieGoGo and started a fundraising campaign for Hot Pink Jesus. Regardless of whether we reach our goal or not, EVERY single dollar raised here is graciously appreciated and will go directly to the production costs of Act II of the HPJ Trilogy, “A Saint of Sin in a Den of Thieves.” Because this final remaining act of the HPJ Gospel is the biggest, the baddest and will soon be the best thing that Mad Ones Films has ever done!! Believe us, we wouldn’t ask for help if we didn’t need it… won’t you help us save Jesus? http://www.indiegogo.com/hotpinkjesus/x/44260

In case you don’t know, what Mad Ones Films and I have been working on for the last three years is a mesmerising tantalising theorising thrill ride of a MULTI-AWARD-WINNING short film trilogy called “The Gospel According to Booze, Bullets & Hot Pink Jesus.” Now what this is, is a sort of a Twilight Zone meets Tarantino grindhouse homage to sindependent film and Shakespearean spaghetti westerns. And it all culminates with the explosive final act, still waiting to be filmed, “A Saint of Sin in a Den of Thieves,” and that’s where you come in true believers!

Look, it’s a bad world baby… we know that. But it can always be worse because no matter what the naysayers and the dream-slayers say, we HAVE NOT run out of room in this handbasket! Jesus gave his life for your sins, for my sins… hell for all of our sins! And all that he’s asking for in return is just a few of your very hard-earned dollars so that his appointed media representatives on Earth (ahem, that’s us) can bring the shining light of this, his final Gospel, to the big screen. Cinematic salvation for the price of either a mild or wild night at the topless taco bar… now that’s not too much of a price to pay for divine glory, now is it?

Is it kooky? Oh absolutely! Is it quirky? You bet your ass it is! Is it blasphemous? Maybe a little, but c’mon, these days… what isn’t?

Other Ways You Can Help Hot Pink Jesus:
Times are tough, there’s no denying that at all. So if you can’t afford to contribute but you still want to fight the good fight you can help us by promoting our campaign. Send this link to all your friends. Post it on your FB page, Tweet about it. If some hipster kid stands still long enough, stencil it on him/her. Going to a Con or Festival? We can send you some promo materials to pass out for us. If you have a blog or know someone that can write an article about the film we would love to talk about it over tacos. Just contact Jaysen Buterin at jaysen@madonesfilms.com

Jaysen P. Buterin
Creative Director, Mad Ones Films – www.madonesfilms.com | www.hotpinkjesus.com

“My fault, my failure, is not in the passions I have, but in my lack of control of them.” – Jack Kerouac

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