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Follow the Crowd: Fix It In Post from Adrenalin Productions needs you!

Fix It In Post (2012)

Welcome to the first installment of Follow the Crowd here on the MVP Blog! We plan on using this as a way to feature independent filmmakers out there that may have ongoing crowdsourcing campaigns. For the first installment we decided to feature the work of our good friends at Adrenalin Productions. They make fun genre movies like their work on the “Brains Trilogy” of zombie films. Their latest effort is a little something called Fix It In Post and here’s Christine Parker of Adrenalin Productions to tell you all about it!

Visit the official Indie Gogo campaign by clicking here.

We’re shooting a feature film in Apex, NC. Basically the story is this.

William Michaels is a brilliant filmmaker, in his own mind. Unfortunately his films don’t reflect that. His current production “Ninjas vs. Zombies” is plagued with bad luck. The wardrobe lady quit, his lead actress can’t act, and just when he thinks things can’t get any worse a solar flare sends a CME hurtling to earth that wipes out the world’s power grid in the middle of their shoot. It leaves them stranded in the middle of nowhere with only enough supplies to get them through the weekend.

It turns out that this band of indie filmmaking misfits is better equipped than most to survive the apocalypse. For one, their made up zombies are great at clearing out places so they can run in and grab supplies. Unfortunately they cross paths with a band a redneck survivalists who are determined to survive what they now believe is the zombie apocalypse. What unfolds is a comedy of epic proportions!

Check out the link below, and the cool promo we shot for the film. This is our fourth feature film so we are not new to this. The hardest part for us is getting funding to make it happen. This movie will be made so much better with your donation. Please check out this link and see how you can help and see what perks you will get in return! It only takes $5 to be a contributor and get your name in the credits.

Fix It In Post on Indie Gogo.

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  1. Bill Mulligan /

    Thanks for the write up! This should be a fun project and to anyone who contributes anything at all to our project, I promise I will be happy to give whatever advice I can when you decide to make YOUR indie film…ok, ok, actually, I’ll give that advice whether you contribute or not but pure guilt should compel you to contribute.

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