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Evil Dead (2013) Review on MVP Mutant Radio

Evil Dead (2013) review on MVP Mutant Radio!

Evil Dead (2013) review on MVP Mutant Radio!

EVIL DEAD (2013) dominates the discussion this week as the Mutantville Players make the final preparations for the Mad Monster Party 2013. Make up FX artist Todd A. Britt joins Streebo to discuss the upcoming Mad Monster Party while Streebo shares his spoiler free review of EVIL DEAD (2013). Up next, Johnny Brento stops by for a full on spoiler discussion of EVIL DEAD (2013) in the Thunderdome. Stick around for the end of the show as Streebo shares some filmmaking philosophy in the Game. Visit the MVP Blog at http://mutantville.com and follow us on Twitter @MVPlayers

Evil Dead (2013) Trailer

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  1. taozen /

    Very interesting review of evil dead. I felt that the evil dead was great with its practical effects but had some script issues. In the third act the film stop developing its characters or more specifically its main character. Plus it was not scary but my girlfriend did jump a few times and she enjoyed it more than I did. I was okay but I was disappointed in it because my expectations was raised after I saw the great trailer.

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