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Evil Dead (2013) full length redban trailer gets s**t started on Trailer Park Thursday

Evil Dead (2013) full trailer now on Mutantville.com

Sometime in the waning hours of Thursday night – an H-bomb was dropped on the land of Evil Dead fans when the full length redban trailer hit the interwebz! Not since the remakes of Halloween, Dawn of the Dead and A Nightmare on Elm Street – have fans been so divided. Hey remember our motto at MVP – mouthy internet fans are morons who want to watch the same movie they saw when they were twelve so honestly who gives a shit what they’re whining about. Support something new if you’re not interested in the remake and drink a nice cool glass of SHUT THE F___ UP!

Check out the full review of Evil Dead (2013) on MVP Mutant Radio by clicking here.

Check out the full new redban trailer after the leap!

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