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‘Evil Dead’ (2012) Remake Beware; Sam Raimi’s Original Short ‘Within The Woods’ (1978) Lurks on Scary Movie Saturday!

Within The Woods (1978)

The Evil Dead remake lurks just around the corner as it is on course to hit theaters in April 2012. In order to get you ready to accept the (what we all knew was inevitable) Evil Dead remake – we’re going to celebrate it’s origins by playing the original 16mm short film created by Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and friends entitled Within the Woods.

Do you dare to journey WITHIN THE WOODS after the leap?

According to legend, Bruce Campbell, Sam Raimi and friends pooled their resources to make the Within the Woods short film which they shot on 16mm. They used the final product to carry around and screen for prospective investors – mainly doctors and dentists. Raimi and company were eventually able to raise enough funds to greenlight what would become Evil Dead. The rest is drive-in lowbudget filmmaking history as Evil Dead went on to be banned in the UK and honored as the Drive-in Movie of the Year 1981 by Joe Bob Briggs.

Flash forward thirty-two years and the time has come round once again. This April – the Evil Dead (2012) remake will be upon us. Love it or hate it – it is inevitable. No need to get upset about it – if you want to see it – then by all means support it. If you’re not interested – then just ignore it and find something else to enjoy. Speaking for MVP – we loved the trailer and will be in line on opening weekend to see if it lives up to it’s own promise of being “the most terrifying movie you will ever experience.”

If it lives up to it’s own hype then we’ll be back, flying the Mutantville Mothership high across the sky and proclaiming it as such. If not – then we’ll just pop in the original trilogy and enjoy that instead. In the meantime – let’s enjoy the moment by watching Raimi and Campbell’s original short – Within The Woods. It really quite possibly IS the most terrifying short film you will ever experience. Check it out. It’s streaming online right now. Absolutely free. Dare you go Within The Woods on Scary Movie Saturday?

Within The Woods (1978)

Evil Dead (2012)

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