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Devil Comes Down to Chester Grim’s Mausoleum

Chester Grim’s Mausoleum features Devil Comes Down (2008)

Happy New Year, mutants. With 2012 bringing so many MVP projects to a close it seems only fitting that one of our older short film projects resurface to remind us of the progress of the MVP movie making machine through the years – and that movie is Devil Comes Down. The good folks at Chester Grim’s Mausoleum recently featured MVP’s little zombie film on the Christmas edition of Chester Grim’s Mausoleum.

From the Press Release:
In the final episode of Series 4, Chester is absent from the show after being called up for jury duty. Mr. Wormser does his best to host with Chester doing live call-ins from the county courthouse. They also watch “Devil Comes Down” by Mutantville Productions! It’s more fun than a barrel of dead monkeys!

So tune in to see Mr.Wormser and Chester Grim as they bring you another fun filled maniacal episode of Chester Grim’s Mausoleum – just in time for the holidays. Once you watch the show – be sure to jump over to the IMDb and rate Devil Comes Down!

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