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Tales from Mutantville

Tales From Mutantville (after Jack Davis and Tales From The Crypt)

Tales From Mutantville is an horror anthology which will be comprised of the short movies Devil Comes Down, Respawner, Indigo Child, Family Fiend, and Scarecrow At Midnight. Be sure to visit the official Facebook fanpage for Tales from Mutantville by clicking here.  Don’t forget to hit the “like” button!  You’ll feel better about yourself as a human being.

Tales from Mutantville DVDs are Now Available on Amazon and CreateSpace!

Indigo Child
A young priest battles an insidious serial child killer for the survival of a small village and his own salvation.

Family Fiend
On a trip to get away, a man finds his wife murdered, struggles to keep his daughter safe and discovers which family friend is not family friendly.

Scarecrow At Midnight
Sonia, the bookish new girl in town, is tormented by her classmates and finds solace in her only friend an old scarecrow

on her grandparents’ farm.  When the scarecrow comes to life on Halloween night it brings with it a secret from her family’s past.

Devil Comes Down

Mutantville Productions created Devil Comes Down as an entry into the American Zombie Film Contest in 2008.  Modern society is overrun by a plague of zombies.  Watch to see what happens to a lone survivor in a world that teeters on the edge of Armageddon.  Featuring riveting performances from Tony Rogers ( C for Chaos) and Robert Lee Simmons, Devil Comes Down will leave you questioning your values and locking your doors at night.  Special make-up FX were created in excrutiating gory detail by Todd A. Britt (C for Chaos, Zombie Killers, and G.H.O.S.T.).

Science Fiction meets horror in the pilot episode of the original web series Respawner. Follow the exploits of Detective Alexa Bowman as she discovers a gift so unique, she never knew she had it, until the day she died.

Featuring dazzling special effects and powerful women, fans of Dollhouse and Alias should feel right at home with Respawner – the Web Series.

The writer/director of Respawner spoke via his Director’s V-Log for the series as MVP neared the end of production on the pilot episode.

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