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Yet Even More Respawner Extras

I’d like to briefly revisit what was a very fun project for MVP and my first official turn beneath the director’s cap. 

Metal Head Sniper: Geo gets the shot

Metal Head Sniper: Geo gets the shot

Prior to the actual filming we got many of the cast members together for a little test run of sorts to create a teaser intended to advertise where season 1 would take us. If that sounds like getting the cart before the horse, that’s because clearly we did just that. In any case it makes for some interesting footage in review.

Although ultimately aborted as a continuing web series, the pilot encapsulates what was a tremendously ambitious story. Since the early days of Respawner, I’ve been interested in all facets of expression of this story and chances are there is something more to be heard of this character’s story.

In addition to playing both a metal head and a test subject in a deleted scene from Respawner, Donnie Christianson also pull together a soundtrack for this previously unpublished series teaser. There’s a lot of the films big moments in this but also a lot of action that doesn’t appear in the pilot. You saw it here first.

I should also mention that this was an uncompleted teaser. In some cases we used footage from the lighting tests with non final costuming and makeup to fill out the teaser a bit.

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