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Respawner Extras

Check out this never before made public clip that was designed to serve as a flash back in Respawner. It involves the father of the main character who had previously mastered the Respawner power. The intent was to have enough to look like there was a story there, though only a flash of it is shown in the actual pilot. He is the entire skit which was made up on the spot to feature the transformation senario. Thanks again to Matthew Ewald for appearing as Liam Bowman, father of the Respawner. Check it out after leap.

Only 4 more days to go until the online release of Respawner, right here on Mutantville.com. I’m in the mood for a giveaway. How shall we do this. Hmmm, how about this? Anyone who shares this event on their Facebook wall will be entered into a drawing whereby I will randomly choose one recipient for a Respawner prize package to include at least a special edition custom Dvdr and along with a mystery prize. It may be a T-shirt or some other Mutantville related goods but rest assure it will be excellent.

Duck Sucka!

Duck Sucka!

Lastly be sure to check out episode 26 of Brento’s Budget Film Making Podcast.

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