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Christmas Evil aka You Better Watch Out (1980)

Christmas Evil aka You Better Watch Out

Christmas Evil aka You Better Watch Out

In 1980, “Christmas Evil” which is also known as “You Better Watch Out” was released. It’s about a boy that loves Christmas and is scarred emotionally. He is a toy maker that snaps and goes on a Christmas killing spree.

Evil Christmas stars Brandon Maggart, Jeffrey DeMunn, Dianne Hull, Andy Fenwick, Brian Neville and many others. It was written and directed by Lewis Jackson. Many people put this as number 1 on their list of Christmas horror movies! What do you think?

Christmas Evil (Promotional Clip)

Harry Stadling (Brandon Maggart) is obsessed with Christmas! In fact he wants to “be” the authentic Santa Claus, with a real suit, sleigh and reindeer. Ever since he learned the “truth” about Santa, he’s tried to make Christmas a reality. Growing up …

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12 SLAYS OF CHRISTMAS: Christmas Evil (1980)

Episode 1! I’m taking a look at Christmas-themed horror flicks this month. First up: the surprisingly underrated cult film Christmas Evil.


Just when I thought there are no more good Xmas horror flicks, I stumbled upon "Christmas Evil", a pretty underrated an overseen, but highly impressive 'seasonal' horror thriller. I originally expected this to be some kinda

Christmas Evil (You'd Better Watch out!) « splatterpictures

Christmas Evil was released in 1980, by good old Pan American Pictures, it was written directed by Lewis Jackson, it tells the story of a lonely man (Brandon Maggart) obsessed with Christmas and the concept of Santa Claus.

Best of Christmas Evil Part 1

A tribute to the greatest Christmas movie of all time

Cinema Apocalypse: Christmas Evil

Review and clips from this forgotten bit of holly horror.

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