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Chop Socky Action Week on Vault of Mysterious Information with MVP-Guest Streebo!


Get out your fart smelling ninja mask and polish those throwing stars because it’s time for Chop Socky Action Week at the Vault of Mysterious Information! Host Cory G. welcomes Mr.MVP himself – Streebo – into the Vault to discuss some of our favorite Chop Socky Action from across the various media. Up first we talk films including an obscure David Carradine flick based on a story by Bruce Lee – The Silent Flute aka Circle of Iron. Not to be outdone on the obscuro meter – Cory G digs up a little known action flick where Rob Schneider of Stapler fame performs Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do in an effort to maintain his anal virginity in Big Stan. Don’t worry – it’s better than it sounds!

Continuing the Chop Socky discussion, we kick down the walls to talk TV as Streebo covers the greatest Kung Fu TV show ever made – the eponymous – Kung Fu – starring – you guessed it David Carradine. Cory reveals the secret slimming techniques of ninjitsu with a discussion of the classic TV show – The Master starring Lee Van Cleef, Demi Moore and the only other Van Patten that you’ve probably heard of.

Closing out the discussion we dive into comics to talk about the greatest martial artist to ever grace the four colored pages of Marvel comics – Master of Kung Fu starring Shang Chi the one time son of Fu Manchu! Cory G ups the ante by discussing the cult hit from Eastman and Laird – the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes. Look for a special appearance by Teeshirt Joe as he stops by to talk Chop Socky, MMA, Lorenzo Lama and More – only on the Vault of Mysterious Information.

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Chop Socky Action Films: Circle of Iron and Big Stan.

David Carradine in Bruce Lee's story The Silent Flute (aka Circle of Iron)

David Carradine in Bruce Lee’s story The Silent Flute (aka Circle of Iron)

Chop Socky Action TV: Kung Fu and The Master
David Carradine as Kwai Chang Kane in Kung Fu (1982).

David Carradine as Kwai Chang Kane in Kung Fu (1982).

Chop Socky Action Comics: Shang Chi the Master of Kung Fu and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu - son of Fu Manchu.

Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu – son of Fu Manchu.

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