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Continuing the Struggle: C for Chaos

Continuing the Struggle: C for Chaos

Aug 2, 2017

Brento chimes in on the status of the C For Chaos Web Series and it’s final resting place.

Muticia Returns to Johnny Brento’s JuJu

Muticia Returns to Johnny Brento’s JuJu

Aug 27, 2013

Hello from your long lost Johnny Brento. Yes, Mutants, I know it has been a while. Yours truly has been on hiatus from regularly updating the site in favor of actually doing things. One of those things is putting together a new intro for the future episodes of Muticia’s Movie Morgue. Just this past weekend, we began shooting that footage. I have to say,...

Streets of Mutantville and Injustice: Gods Among us on Johnny Brento’s JuJu

Everyone now and then I just have to give it up for a video game. Click on to see what has me in a tizzy after the jump. So yesterday, the wife wants to eat at a particular chinese restaurant by GameStop. While we are waiting on the food, I take the opportunity to duck in a see what’s coming out. I happen to pick up Injustice: Gods among us from...

The Lords of Salem on Johnny Brento’s JuJu

One thing is clear when watching a Rob Zombie film. The man is a classic horror fan, as his influences can be heavily felt throughout his latest work, The Lords of Salem. His subtle homages to films such as “The Devil Rides Out” and “Rosemary’s Baby” could go completely unnoticed by anything other than a died in the wool, or rather washed in the blood horror...

Poser 2014 & 3D Rendered Comics on Johnny Brento’s JuJu

Poser Pro 2014 was released this week and being the render-geek that I am, I’ve definitely had my nose right in the middle of it. Once again I was lucky enough to provide included content and also got my name in the “Thank You’s” for the inclusion of my Creech figure. So what does this have to do with film making? Not a damn thing! LOL!...

One of Those Weeks on Johnny Brento’s JuJu

I’m processing over 320 VHS additions to the archive this week as well as working on a new podcast focused on VHS collecting and commentary type review for cheesy horror flicks ranging from the 70’s – 90’s. The first episode is recorded and in the process of the being edit and put into shape for presentation. Episode #1 of VHS Graveyard...