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Call for Entries for Second Annual MMP Film Fest Winding Down, Brento Marches on and More on Fridays with MVP.

That’s no way to get ahead in life, Streebo.

This week at the MVP Blog – we’re busy wrapping up the entry process of this year’s Second Annual Mad Monster Party Film Festival coming to Charlotte March 22, 23 and 24th. The MVP PO Box has been inundated with films from across the country and even overseas and I think the final lineup is going to make everyone very happy – except of course the poor filmmakers whose work doesn’t make the final cut. It’s never fun to have to turn down films during this process – but what can you do? That’s the way this game works. Nevertheless – be prepared to join MVP for the fun in the months ahead as 2013 starts off with a bang.

MVP co-founder Johnny Brento is off to shoot pickup shots for his first side project – Take That – this weekend. Look for updates on Take That at his official fanpage. Here’s a quick update from Johnny B himself:

“It never fails. On shoot days I always wake in the early hours of the morning. Today at 5:00 pm begins what you could consider 2 additional days of production on Take That or either the first two days on Mother of Vampires. As usual I’ve bit off all that we can collectively chew for 2 days. Hopefully, once again we’ll rise to the occasion and create something rather spectacular.”

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