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C for Chaos: The Web Series Act One with Supernatural Slasher now playing on Youtube.

C for Chaos Title Card

Almost ten years to the day, Mutantville Productions returned to the project that started it all – C for Chaos – by releasing the once planned feature film as individual episodes on Youtube for free. The story of C for Chaos centers around a young comic book artist named Art who gets dumped by his long time girlfriend Bella only to find himself smack dab in the middle of a bizarre series of ritualistic murders being attributed to the enigmatic Numbers Killer. C for Chaos stars Scott Thomas as “Art”, Amy Laughter as “Bella”, Steven D. Tucker as “Killroy”, Belton Horton as “Jimmy”, Nicole Tschimperle as “Bianca”, Adriana Munoz as “Emma” and the Numbers Killer as himself.

Tune in every two weeks as Mutantville Productions releases the next installment of the ongoing web series. Who will die next? Who is the Numbers Killer? It could be you! Find out by subscribing to the Mutantville Players channel on Youtube.

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Watch the entire first act by clicking on this playlist.

Or watch the episodes individually – and enjoy your favorites more than once. Remember to tell your friends about it.

Episode One: In the Beginning

Episode Two: The Numbers Killer Strikes!

Episode Three: Enter the Collectors

Episode Four: Meet Mr.Smith

Episode Five: The Adventure Begins

Episode Six: The Pretty Girls meet the Numbers Killer

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