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Bruce Campbell coming to Mad Monster Party 2013, MVP on Holiday, and More Mutant TV than you can stomach on Fridays with MVP!

MVP promoted across the East Coast throughout 2012.

Thank Muticia, it’s Friday!!! It’s been a long a crazy year for the Mutantville Players as we launched our first promotional tour across the East Coast to promote the release of our DVDs for G.H.O.S.T., Tales from Mutantville and Muticia’s Movie Morgue. It’s been a whirlwind ride that began with the Mad Monster Party back in March and lead us through the Fright Night Film Festival and a wild October month that saw MVP put on no less than four in person promotions and a giant’s helping of audio content from the MVP Mutant Radio division. It all culminated on one crazy Halloween day that saw the announcement of the Mad Monster Party Film Festival 2013, as well as the release of the complete first episode of Muticia’s Movie Morgue featuring George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead – and no less than three MVP Halloween podcast appearances resulting in our single most trafficked day in Mutantville.com history!

Get the full rundown after the leap!!!

Things are slowing down a bit on the public surface of the Mutantville Mothership – but rest assured that we are keeping busy behind the scenes working on several projects in various mediums including ebooks, documentaries and the like. We’re still working out the final kinks of putting our special edition DVDs online so you will be able to grab those from Amazon.com very soon!

Bruce Campbell coming to Charlotte, NC in 2013!

Even as 2012 winds down – we’re already looking ahead to 2013. We always enjoy starting the year by visiting the Nevermore Film Festival in Durham to see the new horror releases of the year. In March, we start the MVP promotional year with a bang at the Mad Monster Party. They’ve already been announcing guests like crazy and so far have added Kirk Hammett of Metallica, Peter Criss of KISS, and the man with the chainsaw himself – Bruce Campbell! That’s right, we’re headed for a groovy kickstart to 2013 with a trunk load of MVP DVDs and a legion of eager fans to please. For continuing developments on the Mad Monster Party – be sure to visit their official website by clicking here.
We’re beginning a new phase at MVP and thank you all for coming along for the ride.
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Let the MUTANT TV commence!!!

Here’s Streebo’s latest v-log with a Post-Halloween Update.

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Don’t forget that Muticia’s Movie Morgue is available for viewing online – if you are smart enough to follow the links to get there!

Check out this vintage Absolute Zero rendition of “All Along the Watchtower.”

The original soundtrack to G.H.O.S.T. is now available from our friends at Attrition.

MMA fans be sure to check out the recent MMA Mutants podcast where we discussed the results of UFC Macao, give our predictions for GSP vs Condit and talk about the possibility of superfights between GSP/Silva/Jones.

Our all music edition of MVP Mutant Radio – Murder By Music Vol. 2 has become one of our more popular titles. Be sure to check it out for a great selection of horror, SF and fantasy scores.

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  1. Geoff Lamont /

    Let me keep this real simple… keep on have idiot guests on the show and I’ll quit listening.

  2. Hey Geoff – Thanks for the feedback I suppose. Which show are you talking about? We try to bring in a variety of guests on the show to keep the conversation interesting. If it was just Streebo blabbing the whole time – everyone would get bored really quick.

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