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Among The Fallen on Scary Movie Saturday.

Among The Fallen (2011)

Welcome back, Muties.  If you’re tired of the onslaught of remakes and found footage horror – then the Doctors of Horror at MVP have the cure.  This week, we’re featuring an indie gem called Among The Fallen from filmmaker Jay Shatzer.  In my journeys across the Internetz, I often critique independent horror films that are posted online.  It’s an exercise that keeps me sharp, keeps me in touch with the community, and best of all introduces me to true ground level no holds barred indie horror.

This week, I had the good fortune to watch Among The Fallen which tells the story of a writer struggling to survive the night when besieged by his personal demons and a horde of ghouls.  Among The Fallen features gorgeous cinematography, Fulci-like ghouls and a story that everyone can identify with.

(Watch Among The Fallen after the leap!)

From the Youtube description:

“Among the Fallen is a compellingly deep film that delves into the unexplored inner workings of the human mind, by balancing both the physical and mental horrors that a person experiences when dealt a horrible loss of a loved one, and combines that with the gruesome visual decadence of a zombie film. Combining the reflective aesthetics of art-house cinema with the gory and primitive nature of zombie films, Among the Fallen brings about an original story of a grieving writer named Will Ashford, as he struggles to come to terms with the tragic death of his wife and unborn child.

Breaking off from the rest of the world, Will journeys to a secluded cabin to both finish his novel and cope with his depression. It is here that Will must battle his inner and outer demons as he descends into a downward spiral of haunting memories, ravenous creatures, and startling truths. With its violent nature and uncompromising portrayal of a man struggling to survive both bittersweet memories of what once was and an onslaught of mysterious watchers that begin appearing in the surrounding woods, Among the Fallen is a heavily atmospheric film drenched in zombie lore.

Jay Shatzer directs and stars in Among The Fallen.

Gathering inspiration from such filmmakers as Dario Argento, Lucio Fulci, and George Romero, the film combines a plethora of unconventional themes to create an unorthodox and surreal zombie story with a human soul and a lot of bite.

With that – MVP brings you Among The Fallen for Scary Movie Saturday.  Check it out!  Follow Shatzer’s blog – The Lucid Nightmare to keep up to date with his latest news.

So what are you waiting for?  You hate mainstream horror, you’re sick of remakes, and you want to see something original – well here it is.  This is true grass roots free range independent horror – made for you without studio interference.

It’s Among The Fallen on Scary Movie Saturday!!!


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